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At Excellent Multimedia Classes, we offer practical courses in graphics design, web design, UI/UX design, digital marketing and motion graphics in Pune, India with an aim to prepare our students for a successful career in these highly popular and on-demand skills.

Being a team of digital freaks as the working force behind Excellent Multimedia Classes, we understand exactly how candidates should be trained and which training methods would grab their attention the most. That’s why we have hand-picked the course material and introduced some of the most fun, creative and innovative teaching modules in our institute. Every course starts with a basic explanation of the digital skill at hand and then moves on to discuss advanced information about it.

Job placement being our topmost priority, we have created every course with corporate requirements in mind to ready the candidates for professional challenges. Highly based on practical implementation, every course focuses on bringing out the creative side of the students enabling them to provide great value to their future employers and organizations. With industry-relevant information, we also provide personality development and spoken English training to make our students completely corporate-ready. All-in-all, our courses are perfectly made to build profitable careers for our students and help them come out successful in this highly competitive digital world.

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Excellent Multimedia Classes


Training and Placement Institute in Pune

Excellent Multimedia Classes is a reputed training and placement institute in Pune for graphics design; web design; UI/UX design; digital marketing and motion graphics with 9 years of full-fledged, result-oriented training experience. We stepped in the market in 2011 with the goal to help students, working professionals, housewives and other interested candidates get that dream job or open that desired freelance business in some of the most popular digital fields. 

Our aim is to ease the hiring process for businesses and organizations by providing work-ready professionals who can contribute greatly to their success. Since then, we have worked hard to achieve this goal and dedicated our time and resources to train students extensively.

Our multiple international and domestic job placements are evident of our success and we hope to continue on this path for times to come. With us, candidates can follow their passion for all things digital without worrying about the future. We are totally candidate-friendly and offer assistance in multiple languages for effective and understandable training. Our teaching schedule and timings are flexible according to our candidate’s preferences. We understand the need for having an attractive personality in the corporate world. This is why we offer spoken English and personality development training to our students apart from the subject based information.

All this hard work and dedication towards our students has made us the best multimedia training institute in Pune. We aim to train many more students in the future and hope you will be one of them! So, what are you waiting for? Enroll for our advanced courses now!

Our advanced courses in graphic design, web design, UI/UX design, digital marketing, and motion graphics are created with industry-relevant needs and trends in mind to help our students immediately make an impact in the market. We have developed a cheerful environment in our classes where students are provided with all the facilities needed to help and motivate them in the learning process.

With an experienced faculty of trainers, we take full responsibility for equally training every one of our students. Our certified teachers ensure students grasp every concept thoroughly and practice it in the computer lab facility provided by the institute. We moreover evaluate the progress of the students through live assignments and also give them relevant projects to work on for experience. For candidates who want to start their own freelance practice, or open a new digital business, we offer special assistance. Come join us in EMC to take your career to new digital heights!

Our Facilities

Advanced Training Labs

Our smart training classes in Pune employ advanced technology and the latest computers to aid in the training process of our students. Our air-conditioned classes ensure our students can peacefully focus on important lessons.

Experienced Trainers

We have hired a team of qualified and experienced teachers with a proven track record of successful teaching in the courses offered. Our teachers are always there to help the students with their queries and problems.

Soft Skills Development

We know the importance of personality development and spoken English skills in the current corporate world. That’s why we also take personality development and spoken English classes ensuring our students face no problem in any sphere of activity throughout their careers.

Why Choose Us


Explore Our Reasons

Excellent Multimedia is a premium institute for training and placements in Graphic Designing, Web Designing and Development and UX/UI designing for the last 8 years.


We provide 100% Job placement guarantee in Pune and Dubai. Have placed 1400+ students in 1000+ MNCs


We offer up-to date courses with state of the art computer labs, lots of practice time and latest software.


We also do placements in Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain & Oman.


Our faculty is highly skilled and has 12+ years of industry experience.


We help our students develop their resume and online portfolios to showcase their skills and assignments help them with placements.


We also give training in personality development, basic spoken English grammar, soft skills, and mock interviews practice sessions.


We provide all students regular counseling and motivational sessions. Regular assignment and SWOT analysis to ensure students growth.


We have streamlined courses to help students pursue the field of their choice in media design and make the passion their profession.

Why Choose Us

We have experience With 8 long years of experience behind our backs, you can expect a flawless teaching process from us where we know how to deal with every one of our students and make them grasp the teachings easily. Our tried and tested training method has brought us great success in the past and we envision more of it in the future!

We have experience

Education is expensive. But not with EMC! We only charge reasonable prices for our courses. Our goal is to train more and more students and if that’s possible due to affordable prices, we are all for it!

Our Courses Are Affordable

This is the reason why most of our students choose us! We highly believe in result-oriented training. That's why we take a 100% job placement guarantee for every learner. We have already placed more than 1400 students, nationally and internationally, in various MNCs!

100% Job Placement Guarantee

What Students Say



Excellence personified!-

I enrolled for the advanced graphic design course at EMC and it was the best professional decision of my life! The classes are all about excellence, standing true to the meaning of its name. I was a fresher and had recently completed my schooling when I joined the course. I was concerned whether I'd be able to cope up with it or not but, the simple teaching methods of the institute teachers helped me complete the course with ease! Indeed the best institute to learn graphic design in Pune!

James Smith

Excellence personified!-

I enrolled for the advanced graphic design course at EMC and it was the best professional decision of my life! The classes are all about excellence, standing true to the meaning of its name. I was a fresher and had recently completed my schooling when I joined the course. I was concerned whether I'd be able to cope up with it or not but, the simple teaching methods of the institute teachers helped me complete the course with ease! Indeed the best institute to learn graphic design in Pune!

James Smith

Placement Team is Awesome

EMC’s placement services are like gold dust for every job aspirant in the digital landscape! An ideal place to boost your career in a short span of time with maximum effectiveness.

James Smith

Very Friendly and Cooperative Staff

The teaching staff is surely the highlight of this result-oriented training institute. It was a delight to get trained by the humble EMC staff!

Monica Blews

Got my dream job in a multinational company

I always wanted to work at an international company and EMC’s international placement services helped me realize this dream. Immediately after the completion of the course, I was hired by a reputed international firm.

Eleanor Baker

Got Placed in a MNC - Thank You EMC

I was very fortunate to have considered EMC for qualification in professional web design. This sole decision changed my life as I was placed in an international organization!

James Smith

Best even for working professionals!

I was already pursuing a professional career and was working in a 9-5 job when I heard about EMC. I always had an interest in marketing and wanted to learn digital marketing. The smart shifts and schedules of the institute helped me do just that without sacrificing my current job! I learned digital marketing and thanks to EMCs job placement services, I got placed in an MNC in Pune! So, if you are a working professional looking to pursue your passion for digital arts, EMC is the place to go!

Monica Blews

Finally became Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional

I always had the penchant for all things digital and wanted to pursue a career in digital marketing. EMC trained me and nurtured my creative talent into a lucrative career!

James Smith

Excellent learning experience due to dedicated trainers

The commitment of the staff towards training students and shaping their careers is commendable. I was always encouraged to learn and implement complex concepts in the pursuit of perfection.

Eleanor Baker

Worked and learned simultaneously

I was working as a 9 to 5 job employee when I enrolled in EMC. The classes helped me to pursue my passion without compromising my regular income. Now I own a freelance graphic design business.

Eleanor Baker

Best thing about EMC is practical training approach.

The training provided in EMC focuses on a practical approach and ensures students are kept updated with current corporate trends.

Monica Blews

Soft skills and spoken English training really helped me

I thought the highlight of EMC is their personality development and spoken English training. They comprehensively prepared me to build a personality that job interviewers absolutely love to have onboard their organization!

Monica Blews

The ideal place to build remote careers!

As a housewife, it was always a challenge for me to pursue my passion while simultaneously looking behind the house. I tried many work-from-home jobs but nothing came out fruitful for me. Then, one day I got a recommendation for EMC. I loved the concept and with the support of my family, enrolled in the web design course. It was a great experience and right after the completion of the course, I got a work-from-home, remote job! Now, I happily work and pursue my passion, from the comforts of my home without sacrificing anything! Want to build a remote career or even your freelance practice? Head straight to EMC and never look back again!

Eleanor Baker

Advanced Labs for Learning and Practice

I was absolutely amazed by the state-of-the-art facility they have built for the learners. The environment is very fostering and ensures students can learn the concepts with ease.

Johan Doe



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At EMC, we have amenities like a computer lab and air conditioning to provide a supportive learning environment for our students. Our smart classes feature all the latest gadgets and technologies to help ease the learning process. The teachers are highly supportive and friendly and students enjoy a healthy relationship with them. We also offer interactive activities like live assignments and projects to train our students practically.

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Our guarantee to provide a 100% job placement has made us stand out in the market. Since our inception, we have placed more than 1400 students in Pune as well as international locations like Dubai and Kuwait. We take great pride in providing this service and are elated with our students performing wonders for their respective companies and organizations.

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