Are you an artistic personality driven by creativity? Or an individual inspired by visual communication? Or simply a person looking to make a career for yourself in this digital age? If you said yes to any of the above, graphic design might just be the career path you are looking for. Graphic design also called visual marketing or visual communication is a form of content creation that involves creating designs, motifs and patterns combined with images and written text to portray promotional, informational, educational as well as entertaining content in an appealing and catchy manner.

Visual content instantly attracts human attention and can be very effective in putting out marketing messages to potential customers. This is why graphic design has become a prominent part of modern-day businesses which leverage it to create marketing content and eventually drive sales.

As good and helpful as this digital arts field sounds, it is fairly difficult to master. This is why businesses seek qualified individuals who are dedicatedly trained in this line for helping them with their visual marketing needs. Complex software like Adobe illustrator and photoshop among many others need to be thoroughly mastered by an individual to be qualified as a corporate-level graphic designer.

The career scope however is endless for a certified graphic designer with lots of demand from various sectors of the market. Some job profiles that a graphic designer may fulfill in India are:
-Graphic designer
-Photo editor
-Logo designer
-Web designer

A graphic designer can get placed in a private as well as governmental firm as per his/her experience and expertise. The average salary that can be expected by a starter graphic designer can be around Rs 2.5 lacs per year.

Being a digital arts field, the responsibilities can be fulfilled by a graphic designer via his/her home or personal space as well without any hard and fast necessity to work from a dedicated office space. This is why freelancing has also become a popular option amongst qualified graphic designers.

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